The reason why I started this blog is to prove to a new, young generation that the sartorial world is not only ruled by mainstream brands like H&M or Forever 21. Indeed, fashion is created, thought and presented at Fashion Weeks. That’s why I like to go there: seeing people innovating, going out of their confort zone. And succeeding. We judge an outfit too much by its logo and price, and not enough in its originality. Sometimes we fear people judge us on our physical appearence or on the outfit we’re wearing, and it’s pretty sad we’ve ended up there.

I was wearing a top from The Ragged Priest, a denim jacket from some thrift shop in Le Marais and my shoes are from Zara (thank you Z for making heels at my size). My backpack is from Longchamp. I also got this wrapped skirt from La Garde Robe d’une Parisiennea Parisian girl’s closet-, a new brand launched by a genuine fashion aficionado. She seems to know everything about the sartorial history and recomended this skirt to me while I was visiting her in her showroom. For instance, this piece is a vintage one from a brand called Georges Rech and is  actually from the 80’s. You can be sure to be the only one having it!